Work With Me

Who am I?

The short answer is I’m a highly creative soul who thrives from helping others. 

The longer answer is I’m an author of three critically acclaimed women's fiction novels with years of experience in both the hybrid and traditional publishing world. I know not only what it takes to birth a creative project, but also what is needed to launch it into the world via publishing, marketing, social media, street teams, and more. I’ve also worked as a travel blogger, a contributing writer to lifestyle magazines, and taught creative workshops in libraries, schools, wellness retreats and writer's conferences. 

How do I work as a creativity coach?

As a creativity coach, my job is to help you uncover your muse and determine how to use it. I’ll act as a customized support system to get you started, keep your creative muscle going, gently hold you accountable, and help map out the next steps for your desired project. 

Some of my students include writers, podcasters, bloggers, a painter, a wellness enthusiast, a life coach, a former actress, and more. What they all have in common was a desire to create.

Creativity Coaching

Looking for thoughtful support? Book a one-on-one consultation designed to help you reach for your creative dreams.


Online Courses for Writers

Are you an emerging writer seeking tips on your path to publication?


Workshops for Creatives

Join me for my workshop series aimed at reigniting your creative spark! In this four-week course, we'll gather virtually with other like-minded creatives to help get your project off the ground.