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The Girl Made Of Clay

An emotional exploration of the frayed bond between a father and daughter…and what it takes to mend it.


After Sara’s father, famous sculptor Thomas “TR” Harlow, is badly injured in a fire, she’s suddenly forced to care for a man who is more of a stranger than a parent. Once known as his muse, Sara long ago lost her father to his desire to live the celebrity life.


Now TR’s abrasive and unpredictable presence in her home is reopening old wounds—and causing the rift in her already-strained marriage to deepen. As her young son begins bonding with the grandfather he never knew, Sara must decide if she can find it within herself to forgive the man who broke her heart all those years ago. Will she walk away from a chance to rebuild what was lost, or will she find, by bringing her father back to health, that healing can come in many forms?

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“With luminous prose and an artfully crafted storyline, Nicole Meier’s new novel is not to be missed. The Girl Made of Clay is a moving examination of the limits of familial obligations—and the unexpected rewards of opening up your heart to someone who may not deserve it.”

—Camille Pagán, bestselling author of Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties


“An emotionally resonant exploration of second chances and the cost of healing of old wounds, The Girl Made of Clay examines how easily the people we love can become strangers to us, as well as those particular desires—for connection, fulfillment, intimacy—that we shuffle to the background. An engaging and thoroughly satisfying read.”

—Emily Carpenter, critically acclaimed and bestselling author of suspense novels


“With Girl Made of Clay, Nicole Meier has created a moving story of a woman’s journey from anger to forgiveness, as she is forced to confront the mysterious father who abandoned her when she was a child and the husband who is spending far too much time away from home. Filled with characters you won’t be able to forget, this is an inspiring tale of a woman facing the past and learning what it means to love.”

—Maddie Dawson, author of Matchmaking for Beginners

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