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Named Ultimate Summer Read by Sunset

The House of Bradbury was named an ultimate summer read by Sunset Magazine.

Sunset contributor Robert Clark shares the must-read titles for your summer reading list.

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that the West Coast is the best coast, so it’s no shock that the hottest literary gems this summer were created by local talent. These writers are the guac-de-le-guac of the literary world – so good, so addictive, and we simply can’t get enough.

Here are 20 totally incredible reads to add to your list this summer. Tip: best read beachside with an In-n-Out animal style burger in one hand and a green juice in the other.

The House Of Bradbury by Nicole Meier

Oregon-based author Nicole Meier brings us an outstanding story about finding oneself in the most unexpected of places. Recently dumped, Mia Gladwell is feeling stalled in life and in her writing career. When the estate of a famous author goes up for sale in L.A., Mia impulsively buys it believing it will feed her inspiration for a literary masterpiece. Instead, the house feeds her chaos, complications, and astonishing revelations.

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