• Nicole Meier

Named Hot New Book by Coastal Living

Coastal Living Magazine named The House of Bradbury one of “16 Hot New Books to Read This Summer!”

Looking for a hot summer read to take with you on your trip to the coast? Look no further than our Daily Catch Summer Book Picks!

The House of Bradbury by Nicole Meier

Mia Gladwell has lost everything: her debut novel was a bust, her fiancé has left her, and she’s living with her sister. When she learns that the home of legendary author Ray Bradbury is for sale, she immediately wants to buy the strange old house, hoping that living there will bring her the inspiration she sorely lacks. She soon finds herself caught between her needy ex, a pill-popping starlet, and her disapproving sister. Not to mention, she begins receiving mysterious sketches from a stranger. Her search for answers leads to discoveries about her own life in this insightful novel.

16 Hot New Books to Read this Summer

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