• Nicole Meier

"Heartwarming story." - Booklist

"Julia and Ginny Frank were as close as sisters could be, until their parents’ death. Julia was an up-and coming

news anchor on a popular morning show, and the burden of managing their parents’ estate fell to

Ginny, a talented chef. Ginny resented Julia for leaving the bulk of the logistics to her, and a rift grew.

Years later, Julia makes a devastating judgement call on-air and needs to get out of Manhattan, fast. She shows up, unannounced, at Ginny's Arizona home, and learns that her sister is running a trendy, secret supper club out of her home. In the chaos of the kitchen, conversation begins to flow. Ginny and Julia trade their memories, regrets, and dreams, and realize that their relationship is worth rebuilding. Meier (The Girl Made of Clay, 2018) admirably depicts the high-pressure worlds of broadcast news and professional kitchens, countered by the otherworldly beauty of the American Southwest. This heartwarming story of two headstrong women who relearn how to listen to one another will delight fans of Mary Simses and Nina George." - Booklist

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