The House of Bradbury

Mia Gladwell’s life is going nowhere. The media has skewered her debut novel, her fiancé Carson, a successful Hollywood producer, has jumped ship, and now she’s living in her sister’s carriage house—unattached, unemployed and uninspired. Then she learns that the Los Angeles estate of iconic author Ray Bradbury is up for sale, and she feels an immediate urge to buy the wonky old house, convinced that moving into the late author’s home will inspire her to create her best work yet.


Life in the Bradbury house is not what Mia imagined, however. Soon after moving in, to fulfill a debt she owes to Carson, she agrees to take in a pill-popping young actress as a tenant, and suddenly she finds herself in a balancing act between her needy ex, an unpredictable starlet, and her disapproving sister, who’s keeping a close eye on her. Add to all of this a series of mysterious sketches left at her doorstep by a stranger, and Mia’s life is more complicated than ever. As she searches for clues, though, Mia discovers insights into her own life. Maybe moving into Bradbury’s house was a big mistake—but maybe not.

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“In her charming, wry debut, Nicole Meier brings together a frustrated writer, a Hollywood ingénue, and the weathered home of a literary great. Through a winsome protagonist and a perfectly painted Los Angeles backdrop, Meier reminds us that although we’re built on history, a wide open path still lies ahead.”
―Michelle Gable, international bestselling author of A Paris Apartment and I’ll See You in Paris

“Readers will find magic in The House of Bradbury, which weaves a contemporary Hollywood storyline with authentic Los Angeles literary history. The effect is a sparkling premise, memorable characters, and crisp dialogue that draws in the reader. Author Nicole Meier whips up a thoroughly enjoyable modern story of self-discovery.”
―Lian Dolan, creator and host of Satellite Sisters, author of bestselling novels Helen of Pasadena and Elizabeth the First Wife

“Just as inspiration hits struggling writer Mia Gladwell, she agrees to take in a recovering young starlet. With Ray Bradbury’s former home as its backdrop, Nicole Meier weaves a delightful tale of accidental friendships and second chances.”
―Amy Sue Nathan, author of The Good Neighbor and The Glass Wives

“The House of Bradbury is a thoughtful and witty book about picking yourself up when life is unfolding in an unexpected and challenging way. Nicole Meier skillfully illustrates that opening up to new experiences can be richly rewarding―and surprising. As a Southern California resident and fan of literature, I was delighted by the way Meier creatively weaves her fictional story into the history of the Bradbury home.”
―Lisa Henthorn, author of 25 Sense and television writer of Swingtown, The Beautiful Life, and The Glades

“Full of friendship, family, charm, and a touch of mystery, Nicole Meier’s debut makes you wish you could move into the house of Bradbury, too. Pour yourself a cup of chamomile tea and enjoy!”
―Amy E. Reichert, author of The Coincidence of Coconut Cake

“Soaked in the unflinching rays of California sunshine, The House of Bradbury is a smart look at family, loyalty, and the traces of humanity that every author leaves behind.”
―Colleen Oakes, best-selling author of the Queen of Hearts saga and Wendy Darling series

“Who hasn’t wanted to live in a famous author’s house and felt lost after a major life change?”

“A book to add to the spring reading list STAT.”
―Your Tango

“This novel from Nicole Meier sounds part Eat, Pray, Love part Under the Tuscan Sun.”

“A book you’ll definitely want to read this spring.”
―The Berry